Pastor Robert Reid

With heavy hearts we wish our brother Pastor Robert Reid peace as he embarks on his journey to meet our Lord and Creator. For the last 5 years, he ably shepherded the congregation of Iona Presbyterian Church, and was an integral part of the Tri-Church community. Robert was also a man full of love and compassion for those less fortunate. In no small part are we diminished for having him absent from our lives. Yet we look forward to that day when we can see each other once again, face to face.

Robert leaves behind a loving wife and four children. Please remember them all in our prayers, and when the time is right, reach out to provide any help that we can. Robert was a foundational member of the Cinder, and was instrumental in its ministry to our community. During the lockdown, he would meet with us nearly every Friday over Zoom. Even while he was afflicted, he had wanted to aid in the ministry. To the end, Robert was a servant of the living God.


In the name of God the creator who formed you;

In the name of Jesus Christ who redeemed you;

In the name of the Holy Spirit, the comforter who sanctifies you.

In communion with the saints and all the heavenly host,may you rest in peace, and dwell forever with the Lord.


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